Helping at Native Spirit

We are a small, but strong team working like a fine tuned machine. This stable, harmonic base is the most important precondition for us for all our projects at Native Spirit. As we sometimes are in need of support, the possibility of joining our team opens ever and anon.

Work Opportunities


Especially in the kitchen there is a lot of work to do, so we’re happy about people who like cooking. Besides the important task of „guarding the stove fire“, keeping the house and the teepees clean is also part of the job.


Of course there are a lot of technical works to do here, thats why we’re happy about craftsmen and -women and people who are talented in crafts who enrich Native Spirit with their energy.

It is important for us that we are compatible and that the team is harmonic. We kindly ask everyone who wants to work with us to attend one of our seminars, so we can get to know you as a participant. The best seminar for that would be one of our sweat lodges ›, they only last from Saturday until Sunday and give you a good impression over Native Spirit. Particulars can of course be talked about in person, we're looking forward to you!