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Native Spirit Media

20 year old Sananda created a whole new segment for Native Spirit. Since he was 15, he was interested in graphic design, cinematography and film editing. With his movies he wants to show a different side of topics that are often ignored by the public. The subjects he approaches reach from frontier science and spirituality all the way to peace, being human and nature.

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Note: movie is mostly in English, including occasionally appearing English subtitles! Enjoy yourselves!

Masters of Peace

Austria, a country in the center of Europe which has experienced peace since the ending of the second world war. Sananda is part of a generation that never had to experience war. Still, the 21st century is full of wars and conflicts all around the world. While looking for a way to help achieve world peace, Sananda found a unique, international master program: the „Master Program for Peace Studies“ in Innsbruck, which connects people from all around the world who share the goal of spreading peace. Sananda accompanies the students with his camera on their way of finding peace.

Out of 200 submissions, „Masters of Peace“ was one of 17 nominees for the 2015 Cosmic Cine Filmfestival. A year later the film was shown at the Culture Unplugged Filmfestival, which since 2008 has been visited by more than 64 million people from 39.000 cities in 231 countries.


Youtube Comments

“A wonderful documentation about realizing and living peace! Thank you!“

“Wonderful! Making peace in yourself and then let that peace shine to the outside. Absolutely worth seeing.“

“Moved to tears. A wonderful film!“

Survival school Chiemgau

“I recommend this movie because it shows very clearly the different aspects that lead to inner and outer peace. Growing up at Native Spirit, Sananda Kirschner built a connection with nature and thus with a form of peace. That is why he was able to draw a succeeded portrait of the „Master Program for Peace Studies“ in Innsbruck, which prepares people from all over the world for their mission in crisis situations.“

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Note: we're sorry to say that the entire movie is only available in German language!
We hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

Crop Circles 2013

Crop Circles 2013 was Sananda's first documentary report, in which he investigates the phenomenon of crop circles. Out of spectacular camera shots on the ground and in the air and interviews with well-known researchers like Erich von Däniken, Sananda created a impressive and unique film.


Author from Vienna

“Dear Sananda, thank you! Crop circles 2013 moved me to tears. It is moving, touching and encouraging, all in one. I am keen, thank you for that!“

Teacher from Innsbruck

“Your film touched me and made me happy. You somehow managed to put the effect of these circles into your movie. Like the revival of a memory of when I have been to Avebury and Stonehenge 15 years ago. I once again felt my curiosity and the calming thought that we are led and watched benevolent. Your choice of music is beautiful. Thank you for everything and all the best to you!“