Peace Studies

Collaboration with the University of Innsbruck

Native Spirit and the Master-Programm UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies of University Innsbruck

Since many years Native Spirit is part of the extraordinary „Master Program for Peace Studies“, which is held by University Innsbruck. People from all continents with the most different cultural and religious backgrounds visit us. They all want to work for peace and conflict solving.

Together we’re working on world-shaking questions: How do we bring together different cultures and religions? How to we get to the essence of spiritual knowledge on earth, to universal spirituality and ethics and thus to a ongoing peace?

We believe that inner peace is crucial in order to create outer peace. In collaboration with universities in Spain, Portugal and Sweden this is a unique master program for peace studies in Europe. Native Spirit is part of this education, in which students from all over the world take place.

Masters of Peace

Sananda accompanied the students with his camera on their way of finding peace. Out of 200 submissions, „Masters of Peace“ was one of 17 nominees for the 2015 Cosmic Cine Filmfestival. A year later the film was shown at the Culture Unplugged Filmfestival, which since 2008 has been visited by more than 64 million people from 39.000 cities in 231 countries.