Schools & Youth Groups

Young people having fundamental experiences in nature

A nature- and wilderness course especially for schools and youth groups

It is our goal to bring children and teens closer to their connection to nature in a simple but sustainable manner. Experience nature with all senses, learn from millennium-old knowledge, recognizing nature as our giver of life, treating earth with respect, getting to know our own abilities and strengths and recognize the importance of our social acting. Our experience shows that our courses bring great progress in the children life, from which even the school routine profits.Different to the cliches of „eating worms and playing Rambo“, we teach actual survival techniques based on millennium old knowledge: surviving without modern tools. That doesn’t mean that there are no meals, on the contrary: being well-fed with delicious meals from our Schalklhof-kitchen and taking advantage of its surroundings enable us to approach the topic survival gently. We also provide warm showers and toilettes (girls and boys separated).Our program for schools and youth-groups is a real education! Young people get a basic training for surviving in the wild. All participants attain a certificate.


Starting Fires

The simple art of starting fires with friction


The „nature bedroll“ enables us to survive without a fire and a modern sleeping bag

Finding Food

Learning about edible plants and an introduction to stalking and disguising

Everyday Objects

Spear, cooking devices, ropes out of plant fibers and more

Movement- and Perception Training

An introduction into the dimensions of senses and instincts


Inner Strength

Discover unknown skills in yourself


Experience joint action as socially strengthening

Simplicity & Renunciation

experienced as enrichment

Overnight in Tipis

Sleep in wooden tipis, Sami tent tipis, under the stars and around the fire

Survival Knowledge

Learn Millennia-old techniques of survival in the wild


Building up mindfulness and respect for all living things


What I trust, what I can do

Social Competence

What we experience together, how we care for each other, me as a member of the community


Plants, animals, ancient knowledge of nature and its cycles

Dates and prices on request!

We usually plan the season a year in advance!

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