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Renewal of your company's spirit

Maybe your company has been looking for something new, special and alternative for some time? A special kind of company outing with a program that is completely different from the classic offers? You want a holistic experience for your employees, business partners or friends, which deeply touches body, mind, heart and our spiritual being? Maybe they also want to do some kind of affirmation and renewal of the corporate or group spirit? Native Spirit, with the unique ambiance and uncommon offerings that come from our 20 years of experience, can be this exceptional alternative. We cover a range of topics ranging from outdoor & wilderness knowledge to millennia-old indigenous knowledge and spiritual ceremonies. Companies, institutions, groups and schools use our knowledge and ambience for training, training and personal development.

Outside of the cliché "eating worms and playing Rambo," we adopt concrete native techniques based on millennia-old knowledge. Survival without modern aids - certain basic techniques enable us to survive in a real survival situation, even without a knife or a lighter. It also brings us another perspective of survival: nature is our primitive home, it has everything we need for us. Not a struggle for survival, but a gentle introduction to new dimensions of experiencing nature. These days we are practicing the most important basic techniques, but we do not immediately go into a survival situation. It is important to train these techniques for the time being under pleasant conditions. We get full board, in this way well-fortified, we can approach the exciting and extensive theme wilderness & survival consciously and with enough time. Only when we have practiced and internalized these techniques, we are able to survive in a real survival situation!

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The medicine wheel holds thousands of years old knowledge of indigenous people in itself. With the teaching of the Sacred Directions, the medicine wheel offers us a tool to recognize where something is out of balance and how to restore balance. First we start with ourselves, we work on our own inner peace, because only then can we begin to touch the world around us. As we get to the center, we learn to balance ourselves and our environment. As soon as we know the way leading to this center, we can always find our way back to it faster and easier.

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In the sweat lodge (we call it "Sun-Earth-Hut" as well) we have the opportunity to free ourselves from contaminated sites. Here we can charge our energies and thereby experience deep healing. We can pray for ourselves as well as for others or something else like healing, peace, knowledge or awareness. We also get the opportunity to simply be thankful. The Sun-Earth-Hut is very powerful, so our wishes, which we would like to pronounce in the hut, must be carefully considered. These can quickly come true!

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This is how we work, for example: for 12 years, we have been working together with the University of Innsbruck as part of the extraordinary program "Master Program for Peace Studies." Native Spirit plays a training role in this program, which gathers people from all continents of the world with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds in Tyrol.

The UWC movement works around the world to make education a force that unites people, nations and cultures in the pursuit of peace and a sustainable future. For two years now, an international group of UWC students has come to Schalklhof every summer to learn more about indigenous, aboriginal techniques in order to connect with nature.

Dates & costs on request!

We ask for early appointments, especially in the summer. The price is depending on effort and exclusivity. We are happy to make an individual offer on request!

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