The Medicine Wheel

The millennia old knowledge about the sacred directions, the power of the middle way and holy equilibrium

There have always been wise, knowledgeable, healers and medics. When they talked about medicine, they were not just referring to the body, but also to our minds, our emotions and our spiritual being. They saw things from a holistic view, so they looked at all the parts that make us human. As an ancient map created by spiritually advanced civilizations, the medicine wheel also provides healing, orientation, and holistic learning in our modern times. Thus, directions, elements, seasons and the life and death of humans, animals and plants come together to form a large whole.

The medicine wheel holds thousands of years old knowledge of indigenous people in itself. With the teaching of the Sacred Directions, the medicine wheel offers us a tool to recognize where something is out of balance and how to restore balance. First we start with ourselves, we work on our own inner peace, because only then can we begin to touch the world around us. As we get to the center, we learn to balance ourselves and our environment. As soon as we know the way leading to this center, we can always find our way back to it faster and easier.

On the one hand, this wisdom can provide support and spiritual orientation as well as answers to personal questions of life, but on the other hand it strengthens us in a very practical way. By working around the medicine wheel we can experience new qualities and also gain confidence in our own strength. It also creates a whole new connection to our earth and the elements, which promotes personal healing, strengthening and awareness. The techniques and practices are taught in such a way that they can be understood by everyone, so deep and personal experiences become possible.

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our courses and seminars are usually held in german language! If, however, a high number of people book in who don't speak german, we are willing to hold a separate course for the respective group. In addition and independently from our program, it's possible to use our area for your very own seminars, meetings, workshops, events and much more!