RememberINNg 1 to 4

Shamanic Training

Universal spiritual knowledge, guidance, accompaniment, and education on the path of remembering and healing

This course awakens the age old, universal knowledge which lies inside of us. This knowledge is independent from culture and religion. ON the path of rememberINNg we consciously reconnect with our true self, which opens the gate to intuition and connects us to the source of creativity. This is where we find the connection to the original information of being. We start to move around in that matrix and resonate with entirety.

The path of remeberINNg also changes our point of view concerning our life, makes healing possible and brightens up our life. People who enhance their consciousness following this path enrich their personality, because they’re remembered to their true tasks on earth. At the same time, they work for entirety, for universal ethics.

This knowledge can be used by everyone - regardless of origin, age and occupational field. It supports us all in living a fulfilled, powerful, true life! All our seminars connect step by step like an apprenticeship, a evolution for our own way. And because the contents of our seminars build up upon each other, it is required to take certain other courses to attend rememberINNg.

RememberINNg 1

We start a journey to the deepest of our true being, where we contact our inner voice. The mighty mind looses its dominance. The intuition, the spiritual being is remembered and forgotten skills which lie in any of us are revived. This experience deeply enriches us, strengthens us and enlarges our perception.

  • lighten the mists of consciousness
  • the holy silence - purity of spirit
  • awaken the arrays of the unconscious
  • explore the areas of power
  • explore and legitime our own medicine
  • travel with the spirit body
  • character, second sight and second feeling
  • strengthening our intuition
  • the regularities of the invisible world
  • remote perception
  • energetic treatments and many other

RememberINNg 2

This course leads us even deeper. We receive a map that leads us to spiritual worlds. We learn how to move and act in them. We experience the wonderful possibilities that we carry inside of us.

  • spirit-journeys
  • legitimating the arrays
  • new treatment techniques and many other


It is required to attend RememberINNg 1.

RememberINNg 3

For this shamanic work we use the knowledge of the medicine wheel and the wilderness-knowledge. More new experiences and insights, consolidating and increasing the force, learn and classify energies and memory fields, healing and purifying locations and their history and many other.

The following courses are required:

RememberINNg 4

Power. Magic. Pure presence.


The following courses are required:

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our courses and seminars are usually held in german language! If, however, a high number of people book in who don't speak german, we are willing to hold a separate course for the respective group. In addition and independently from our program, it's possible to use our area for your very own seminars, meetings, workshops, events and much more!