Sweat Lodge

Cleaning, rememberINNg, reflecting, praying and gathering strength in mother earth's lap

We also call the Sweat Lodge "Sun-Earth-Hut", because the sun and the earth are constantly in the process of "making love". That's how the "child of life" was created hundreds of millions of years ago. These include plants, animals and us humans, in this sense, all living things on this planet are the children of the earth and the sun. In the Sun-Earth-Hut, the belly of the Great Mother, we once again experience the marriage of Mother Earth and Father Sun. Here we can free ourselves from contaminated sites, we have the opportunity to recharge our energies and thereby experience deep healing. We can pray for ourselves as well as for others or something else like healing, peace, knowledge or awareness. We also get the opportunity to simply be thankful. The Erd-Sonnenhütte is very powerful, so our wishes, which we would like to pronounce in the hut, must be carefully considered. These wishes can quickly come true!

The first stones are brought into the belly of the old mother. It is warm and dark, we sit like an embryo in the belly of the big Mama. We call the elemental forces, connect with the earth and the sun. And so we understand and experience the creation story anew. The earth energy unites with the solar energy, we can directly experience the birth of the elements and our own rebirth. All the elemental forces surround us, ready to be received and to work in us. Water is poured on the glowing stones, the water vapor carries our prayers into the spirit world. It smells of incense, a circle of healing and transformation was created together. The veils to the spirit world have become more permeable, so our prayers spoken by the heart work directly into the matrix. All the forces that support us come from a source that springs from creation itself. We celebrate life and in gratitude remember this gift.

Women's Sweat Lodge

Together, women sit in the bosom of the earth mother and cleanse themselves, pray and receive new strength. At the request of many women who specifically want to celebrate and experience the power of women in their own circle with the earth, Angela will offer two women's sweat lodges every year! These sweatlodges are special in their style and are held in a very sheltered environment.

New Year's Sweat Lodge

The New Year's sweat lodge is especially magical and powerful. We are consciously shaping the transition into the New Year: First, we look at what we want to leave behind, what we no longer need or want to renew. Before we go into the sweat lodge to become "new," we transform all of this through a shamanic ceremony. Embedded in this special power, we weave the new threads of our lives and dream our future.

At about 14:00 we go together to the medicine wheel place, there you receive a short introduction into the knowledge of the medicine wheel. You learn the story of creation, as it tells the medicine wheel doctrine, this story is also called the Kinder-counting. It describes how the sun, the earth and all the elemental forces were born. This will help you to better understand what energies are working in and around the sweat lodge, because this ceremony is about more than just sweating.

After the introduction, the group collects stones on the bank of the Inn, these are placed in a prepared fire bed. Afterwards each participant gets different tasks, which serve as a practical and energetic preparation for the sweat lodge. In the late afternoon we light the fire in the old Stone Age way by wood friction. While the Fireman / Firewalker watches over the big fire, the group goes to dinner so everyone is fortified for the night.

After the meal, we sit around the big fire, in which the stones are heated hotly. When the time comes - usually in the evening with the onset of darkness - we all go to the sun-earth hut.

At about midnight we get "newborn" from the hut to the "new old world". We lay down in the golden nest of straw, which is placed around the fire, can still trace for a while and let everything in us afterwards. Grandmother Inn sings for us, the flames of fire dance, sometimes the starry night sky opens: The magic of the moment is omnipresent.

At Schalklhof, before going to bed, we can expect a hot soup and refreshing drinks before we cuddle up in our warm sleeping bags.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning, we head back to Sweatlodge Square to complete the ceremony. Instead, we return the stones to the Inn, doing so with a conscious, grateful attitude. The straw at the base of the hut is carried to the hearth, where it is burned as a big pile. After a final round, we say goodbye with the knowledge that the Sun-Earth-Hut will have a lasting effect inside.

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our courses and seminars are usually held in german language! If, however, a high number of people book in who don't speak german, we are willing to hold a separate course for the respective group. In addition and independently from our program, it's possible to use our area for your very own seminars, meetings, workshops, events and much more!