Shamanic Drum

Build your own shamanic drum

The drum: magical support through the “mist“ of consciousness

To follow the shamanic path of remembrance, the drum is an important companion. To construct one by yourself is one of the most important cruxes on this path. A drum is born, initiated. We give it meaning and character, while it teaches us its medicine. We honor the skin of a deer which lived in the nearby mountains. By processing the skin by ourself, we can connect to the animals spirit and plead it to inspirit the drum with its medicine. The wooden frame which we are going to build by ourselves carries the power of the herbal world. By constructing a drum, we connect powers of the herbal and animalistic world. The drum guides us to feel and strengthen the connection to earth. It helps us to achieve the Holy Silence, a state from which we can travel to the spiritual world. The drum is a medical instrument and teaches us the holy rhythms of life.

Traditionally assembled Handdrum

Cleaning a deer’s skin from a deer out of the Tyrolean mountains

We create the drum frame & drum sticks by ourselves

Inauguration and giving meaning & character to the drums


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